• We provide movie solutions.

    Introduction to CashRamMovies.com

    CashRamMovies.com is a creative and new solution for movie production and distribution. The difference between CashRamMovies and traditional movie distribution is that CashRamMovies.com is based on a micropayment system.

  • Drive traffic, generate leads and monetise
    your website via online marketing tactics.

    Micro Payments is the way to go on the Internet.

    Using our Micro Payment method copyright owners can set up their movie on their own website after passing it through our special software.

    This software will transform your movie file into CRM format which can only be performed in CRM player. Those video files will have a price to view.


    This will make it possible for CashRamSpam account holders to pay you directly for each video they watch after downloading it from your own server. Alternatively you can pay them if you think that might get them interested.

    Don't forget. By uploading you server link details to CashRamMovies you are opening up a world wide audience.

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  • Reasons of payment in Gold

    Goes Gold and Silver!!
    But why?

    The world's monetary systems based on the US dollar are about to enter the dark world of Chaos.

    The other truth is that the world's monetary crisis is really a gold crisis and the gold crisis is probably a children crisis. The world has used gold as its money for over 3000 years.


    CashRam Websites Goes Golden

    To meet the coming monetary crisis CashRamSpam leads the way. CashRamSpam is probably the only self funded email based micro payment system on the Internet. We seed your email account with 5 Aussie cents to get you started which comes with your 'Welcome' letter. Also inside CashRamSpam Gold Pages there are Paying Promotions to help you earn even more money with which you can use to help buy gold and silver from us.

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  • Harness the power of Social Media to have conversations
    directly with your target market.

    The gateway to success passes under the archway of Creativity.

    Here at CashRamMovies we have a whole new world of creativity in the making because everybody loves the movies, everybody wants to be a movie star.

    For centuries story telling has held the audience enraptured as they imagined the scenery and the characters that took part in whatever adventures were being narrated.

    Here at CashRamMovies we want movie makers. That doesn’t just mean sharp camera work it also means great story telling. We want you to write a fantastic script then plan your movie to have excellent actors as well as great scenery and bring it all together in your creativity, your direction, your movie.

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CashRam Series

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CashRamMovies is a new profit making solution for movie makers and their clients. CRM creatively provides an alternative way for movie investors and corporations to easily recoup their investments. With our micropayment system, clients virtually pay you directly to see your movies.

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